Healthspirations™, inspiring you to better health because your health is your wealth! 1. Stop Skipping Meals! Skipping meals is a big “NO-NO!” Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism and will make you want to eat more later! 2. Balance Choices! Make your day foods light if you know your dinner foods will be heavier […]

During my morning devotion, I focused on the power of the number 3. When I think about how blessed we are to have God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I became so spirit-filled because that is TRUE POWER! There is also power in the number 3 to help keep us whole when it comes […]

This is the season to give and that’s a great thing because according to research, giving not only blesses others, it blesses you too! Therefore, strive to make giving a daily part of your life and you’ll see that: 1. It will help put stress to rest! A recent study links being stingy with higher levels […]

Today’s Healthspirations™, inspiring you to better health because your health is your wealth! If you want healthy, glowing skin, then treat it with the foods you eat! The skin is the largest organ on our bodies and the window to our entire body! According to dermatologist, Joely Kaufman-Janette, our health is reflected through our skin! […]

One thing we know for sure is that stress is a big part of our lives; whether it’s good stress or bad stress, stress is stress! According to experts, below are a few stress-busters to put in place: 1. Get out! Going outside for a change of scenery and taking just a 10 -15 minute walk can […]

Healthspirations™ are designed to inspire you to better health because your health is your wealth! Psalm 139:14 tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Therefore, if you have been beating up on yourself when it comes to your body, embrace these beautiful body affirmations to say to yourself: “It’s only temporary – Your […]

I don’t know about you but I know that when I volunteer to help others, it makes me feel good. I’m truly thankful that I’m blessed to be a blessing to others. And researchers have found that this feeling can be good for the heart by reducing the risk of high blood pressure in older […]

The Flu is an epidemic that is taking over our area and many parts of the United States. Arm yourself with the flu shot as your first line of defense. Free flu shots are offered at several places in Philadelphia, find out where at Source: Photo Credit:

Ladies, we know how hard it is to get most men to go to the doctor, right? But there are some things we can do to help the men in our lives! Brothers take notes as well! New research suggests that a little weight training may go a long way toward helping improve the heart […]


If losing weight is one of the goals you have for 2013, no matter which new way of eating you choose or which exercises you choose, there are tips to help you prepare. 1. Know Thyself! Nobody knows you like you. Do you! What may work for somebody else may not work for you. If […]

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Image: We all get a little down and sometimes we turn to food for a little “pick me up.” Below are ten foods that can help put you in a better mood: 1. Dark chocolate– Dark chocolate,  milk chocolate, helps reduce anxiety and depression. 2. Salmon– Fights depression, helps memory and improves focus. 3. […]