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The young acting all-star has been apart of some noteworthy productions, aspiring to have his name among the greats as well as work with them

The family of Leonard Cure filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia police officer who shot and killed the exonerated Black man, 53, during a traffic stop last year. The post Leonard Cure Update: Federal Lawsuit Names ‘Extremely Aggressive’ Georgia Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Driver appeared first on NewsOne.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore isn’t just sitting back this election season in hopes that Black voters will participate. The post Gov. Wes Moore Warns Black Voters Of Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric appeared first on NewsOne.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hired former Turning Point USA worker Crystal Clanton, an accused racist, to be his law clerk. The post Clarence Thomas Hires ‘Karen’ Accused Of Texting ‘I Hate Black People’ As His New Law Clerk appeared first on NewsOne.

Alleem Bordan, 29, was in custody for car theft, escaped while being discharged from Episcopal Hospital at about 6:42 a.m. Monday

The 37 year-young veteran has enough leadership to go around and enough miles in the tank to give the sixers what they need on the court

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