Micah McDade has quietly been working on something very important as his graduation was approaching, but it wasn’t at all academic. According to Okmulgee News Network, McDade was born with cerebral palsy and has never been able to walk. After hours of surgeries and physical therapy during his life, McDade finally made his dream come […]

It’s been a long Labor Day weekend and it’s easy to get into that afternoon slump today or any day. You know the slump that makes you want to take a nap or just count down the time to go home? Well, according to some researchers you can get over that afternoon slump even if […]


In the Bible, you never read that Jesus sat down because he was tired. Ever. Jesus walked everywhere. We have got to do better when…

Researchers say that walking really is just as good as running; but only if you compare it in terms of calories burned and not on time spent. Researchers compared tens of thousands of runners to tens of thousands of walkers and found that it takes longer to walk a mile than to run a mile. […]

Rev. Cory Brooks, known around Chicago as the “Rooftop Pastor,” says his battle against urban violence is akin to the epic struggle between David and…

Marcus D. Wiley puts Mary Mary’s hit song “Walking” “Under The Microscope.” Check out this clip to hear what he had to say about it! RELATED: Mary Mary “Survive” [MUSIC] RELATED: Mary Mary Covers Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” With Soul [VIDEO] RELATED: Much More Mary Mary On TheBeatofPhilly.com

Here’s another gem from our friends at 1-800-Gospel.com! Yes, we know you’re very familiar with “Walking,” but this acoustic version is just as good as the original. Take a look… RELATED: Mary Mary Awarded Again! RELATED: Mary Mary Visits Praise 103.9! [PHOTOS] RELATED: Much More Mary Mary On PraisePhilly.com Mary Mary Performs: MyFoxNY.com

Erica and Tina, collectively known as Mary Mary have consistently released contemporary Gospel music that has been embraced by other genres. Their latest single “Walking” maintains their reputation for making great multi-format songs, and it is already reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Gospel and Urban charts. Mary Mary’s next album “Something Big” is slated […]

November 14th 2010, saw me “lined up” along with nearly 30,000 other people at 7:00 AM in 40 degree weather awaiting the sound of a gunshot. Participating in the San Antonio Rock N’ Roll Marathon & A Half was one of the most uniquely, inspiring, life-changing events I have survived to date. Walking 13.1 miles […]

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As women age, the threat of gaining weight increases. There seems to be a solution to this problem.

Squeezing in some extra walking every day is a great way to burn calories, boost mood, and lower your risk of disease. ChiWalking, can even cut down on aches and pains by incorporating elements of tai chi, yoga, and pilates.