1. Democrats Press On with Trump Impeachment What You Need To Know: As the Trump administration draws to a close, the efforts to impeach Donald Trump are more concrete. Monday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) attempted to pass an unanimous resolution calling on the Vice President and the remaining Trump cabinet to invoke the […]

1. U.S. House and Senate Members Sworn In During Historic Times What You Need To Know: Against the background of an ongoing and increasing pandemic, economic uncertainty and political upheaval, the 117th United States Congress was sworn in Sunday. Members of the House and Senate took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of […]

1. Lessons Learned, 2020. Onward and Upward 2021! 1 MINUTE READ   What You Need To Know: 2020 is a year for the record books.It will never, ever, be forgotten. While many of us have suffered great loss, tragedy or challenges,  or all of the above, but you read this, please know I am grateful […]

1. Biden’s Big Win Confirmed  What You Need To Know: On the same day the Electoral College voted and announced that Joe Biden will be the next President of the U.S., the nation’s top lawyer, William Barr, was relieved of his duties by Donald Trump. 2. Bring the Sage: White House to Receive a Deep […]

1. The Heat is on Biden to Add More Diverse Picks for Top Posts What You Need To Know: African American leaders are scheduled to meet with President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris today as civil rights organizations are holding him to his promise of an administration that represents and reflects America. 2. Barr Sees […]

1. Joe Biden Implores Supporters to Keep The Faith as States Keep Counting What You Need To Know: The voting is over, but the counting of votes continues. The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket set a new record with more than 69 million votes cast for them in the 2020 presidential contest. 2. Lawsuits Likely After […]

1. Joe Biden: Keep The Faith What You Need To Know: We knew this day was coming. Four years after the unimaginable win of Donald Trump for the office of President of the United States, here we are-waiting for final numbers   2. A Difficult Year Pushes a Record Number of Black and Brown Americans […]

1. Voter Suppression In Battleground State What You Need To Know: Acts of voter suppression are not letting up days before the end of Election 2020. 2. Caravan of Trump Supporters Surrounds Biden Campaign Bus In Texas  What You Need To Know: The Biden-Harris campaign cancelled a Friday event in Texas out of an abundance […]

1. Georgia’s Two Senate Races Could Change the Color and Make up of the U.S. Senate What You Need To Know: While Republicans are anxious about keeping their states red  in the presidential contest, there is great concern about a blue wave among elections “down the ballot.” 2. We’re Not With You: Black Officers Break […]

1. Democratic Convention: Final Takeaway 2. Another Trump Associate, Steve Bannon, is Arrested in Alleged Fundraising Scheme to Build Border Wall 3. Coronavirus Update: Despite Pandemic, Police Shootings Don’t Decline 4. MAGA Wha? A Tip of the Hat to LeBron and the Lakers for Breonna Message Hats  5. Infor’s Cloud Race Brings $13 Billion Acquisition]] […]

1. How To Explain ANOTHER Police Murder of ANOTHER Black Man? What You Need To Know: The chief of police of the Atlanta Police Department has resigned, one police officer has been fired and a second put on administrative after the Friday night shooting death of Rayshard Brooks. 2. Sistahs All Up In Joe Biden’s […]

1. Biden Formally Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination What You Need To Know: The term “presumptive Democratic nominee,” can now be removed from any news stories describing Joe Biden. 2. Do The Right Thing: Protest, Register and Vote What You Need To Know: As protests continue in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, questions are not […]