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1. Lessons Learned, 2020. Onward and Upward 2021!



What You Need To Know:

2020 is a year for the record books.It will never, ever, be forgotten. While many of us have suffered great loss, tragedy or challenges,  or all of the above, but you read this, please know I am grateful that you are still here. If you are reading this, we have another day, another year to fulfill our purpose. I know that I’m not alone in this effort. I have so much work to do this year, for others, but especially on myself. 

As we make resolutions, plans and even create our vision boards for 2021, let’s all consciously leave room to use what we’ve learned in 2020. Many have experienced the unimaginable, the unbelievable and we survived. Some have thrived. Let us guard our hearts and minds with the tools to not just endure but to strive and overcome, no matter what 2021 brings. 

Thank you so much for supporting all the avenues of What You Need to Know in 2020.  I vow to continue Informing and Empowering you with the important and necessary news and information specifically for the African American community.  

This year we will end our Top 5 Things You Need To Know with motivational words to inspire you to make the most of your day in a new segment… Yogi’s Jewels – Daily Inspiration.

 We’re all in this together. Onward and Upward. 

Thank You and Happy New Year!

– Sybil Wilkes



2. Former NBA Player Hopes to Bring Iconic Ebony Magazine Back to Life


What You Need To Know:

If you are of a certain age, you were blessed to know one of America’s most complete representations of Black excellence that has ever existed: Ebony magazine.

3. Coronavirus Update: A Look Back




What You Need To Know:

“Attention: Over 500 Infected As Deadly Coronavirus Reaches U.S.” That was the headline of the first coronavirus article published in the What You Need To Know newsletter.

4. The Legacy of John Lewis and How We Should Continue His Work

5. Tennis Is One Of The Most Lucrative & Overlooked Sports In 2020



What You Need To Know:

people are easily reminded that sports have long been the great equalizer, allowing historically oppressed African Americans to compete at the highest levels, while building generational wealth. Specifically, tennis which has been a winning strategy for the highest-paid female athletes that happen to be two Black women who dominate the sport.

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