No, we didn't get to see the long-rumored iPhone 12, BUT Apple did have plenty of announcements when it comes to its wearable the Apple Watch, the iPad, and subscription services.

  It should be obvious that sharing what God gives us is very important. During childhood, parents work extremely hard in attempting to instill the importance of sharing with their children. They may say, “Share, play, and let your brother or sister have a turn.” And in turn, a child will often come back with […]

You can listen to Praise 107.9 wherever you go with our FREE smartphone apps. Download the Praise 107.9 WPPZ mobile app on your smartphone through the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace. (Download instructions below.) Our smartphone apps allow you to listen to Praise 107.9 wherever you go, check out lyrics as the songs play, see artist […]

Here are a few days of The Elements of Inspiration that will Inspire you to keep your trust in God. Read the and enjoy them and most of all Be Blessed! Day 1 GOD… I LOVE YOU… Amen! Day 2 You will always be Special to GOD! Day 3 Love is more than a 4 […]

These are the Thoughts of our Listeners that have their own Views one Love and Loving again… Can you Love again? If So How can you after you’ve been hurt so much? Marta: With GOD all BEAUTIFUL things r possible! Leave the past in the past….. GODS RENEWS…….. Im thankful 4 his ULTIMATE LOVE! Cedric: […]

At times in this LIFE we all go through some rough and hard moments. Whatever you’re dealing with right now YOU MUST PLACE IT IN THE MASTERS HANDS! GOD will Make it Alright!! See GOD is NOT a man the he would lie. The True Nature of GOD is Love and Pure Holliness. […]

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