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These are the Thoughts of our Listeners that have their own Views one Love and Loving again…

Can you Love again? If So How can you after you’ve been hurt so much?

Marta: With GOD all BEAUTIFUL things r possible! Leave the past in the past….. GODS RENEWS…….. Im thankful 4 his ULTIMATE LOVE!

Cedric: Nope!! But I’m trying to let the past go…So I can

Lenora: All I can say is I thank God for not hardening my heart, or I would not have reconnected with my now fiance. It’s amazing the way God kept me through all the hurt and pain of past relationships.

Donna: Trust God….his timing is Perfect! my heart is so hiiden in God, that my Man will have to seek HIM to find me!

Fay: NOPE! Because I feel Love Hates Me…

Lina: I thought of it like this…If I can’t have a relationship with the Father, then I can’t have one with any other man. My relationship with God will reflect the relationship I have with a man.

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