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It should be obvious that sharing what God gives us is very important. During childhood, parents work extremely hard in attempting to instill the importance of sharing with their children. They may say, “Share, play, and let your brother or sister have a turn.” And in turn, a child will often come back with the words “mine!” Regardless of how difficult it may be instilling these gifts of sharing to your child, it is truly worth teaching them this principle in order to avoid negative behaviors in adulthood.


The sharing of our gifts and talents can also have a direct and positive effect on the person who shares them. It gives a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to use your gifts for the sake of others and know that the people are really being helped by what you do.

Whether that gift is singing, ministering, or being a parent, sharing your gifts will enable and empower us to live lives that are impactful and beneficial. How is your sharing today? Are you giving the proper amount of time to your family, church, or even your coworkers? If we are honest with ourselves, we might discover that we have been shortchanging the people who need us the most. Take the time to write down the people whom you can share your time, talents, and gifts with and then make it your goal to pray how you can begin to share what God has given you.

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