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If found guilty, the 41-year-old could face 15 years in prison.

Jonathan Nelson just released his new album Declarations, and he stopped by Praise 107.9 to talk to Jermaine Dolly. In the interview they touch on an array of topics about the album, music, family and much more. Jonathan explains how he remains relevant, and his writing process when creating albums, and the respect he has […]

  The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute defines cholesterol as a “waxy, fat-like substance,” located in every cell of your blood. It is necessary for your body to function properly and aids in the body’s digestion provides a protective barrier for every cell, manufactures testosterone in men and estrogen in women, and much more. […]

June is Men’s Heath Moth. Fellas, take some time out to do things to stay healthy! Willie Moore Jr. Gives Some Advice.

  It should be obvious that sharing what God gives us is very important. During childhood, parents work extremely hard in attempting to instill the importance of sharing with their children. They may say, “Share, play, and let your brother or sister have a turn.” And in turn, a child will often come back with […]

Even if it’s just photoshop, after the outpouring of #BeardGang support, baby-faced Barry might never come back.

The former President doesn't have to live in The White House in order to spread holiday joy!

Follow Majic 102.3 On Twitter: Meet Glennis Grace. Apparently, she’s from the Netherlands and stole Whitney Houston’s voice.   Grace has been releasing music in her homeland since 1994 but performance of the Houston classic “Run To You” and more as since gon viral Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

The picture shows Janet's adorable son awaking from a nap.