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1. Georgia’s Two Senate Races Could Change the Color and Make up of the U.S. Senate

What You Need To Know:

While Republicans are anxious about keeping their states red  in the presidential contest, there is great concern about a blue wave among elections “down the ballot.”

2. We’re Not With You: Black Officers Break from Police Unions Over Trump Endorsements

What You Need To Know:

Four years ago, many Black law enforcement officers broke with mainstream police unions in their endorsement of Donald Trump during his first run for President.

3. Coronavirus Update: Millions More Americans Slip into Poverty Amid Pandemic


What You Need To Know:

According to a study by Columbia University, eight million Americans are living in poverty as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

4. Black Men Are Making Waves This Election Year, From Both Sides of the Political Spectrum & Beyond

What You Need To Know:

In recent years, Black women have proven to be a crucial voting bloc, as Democratic leaders hope to woo Black mothers, daughters, aunties and girlfriends to push them to victory at the polls.

5. This Is America’s $300 Million Voting System: Flawed To Perfection?

What You Need To Know:

Technology has transformed democracy on many levels. It also exposes vulnerabilities in our political processes, ultimately impacting election results.

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