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Courtesy of CNN Dot Com The Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has issued a declaration in her news conference this morning that the Baltimore PD will have body cameras by the end of this year.  The mayor has also joined with the City Council president in issuing a request to the Department of Justice to investigate the city police […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A  Sydney women registered under the eHarmony dating site has completed over 130 dates in the past two years through the network, but has never participated on a second date and found Mr. Right.  She is one of the most popular people on the social dating site an average […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com The movie Back To The Future prophesied about the possibility of cars flying in the future and voice activated technology.  Some things have come true such as Siri on the IPhone, while others such as cars flying hasn’t came to fruition.  There is a great news though.  The luxury […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A new report claims that facial beards may have more bacteria than a bathroom toilet.  This was based on a study done by a TV news network in New Mexico by one of its reporters where  the reporter swabbed a group of individuals beards and tested the amount of possible […]

Ted Winn was this week’s Get It Done Spotlight artist of the week with the brand new single, “More”.  Lonnie chatted with Ted Winn about the brand new album, which is slated for release very soon titled, “Perspective”.  He also was candid about his career and things he plans to accomplish in the near future. […]

Lonnie Hunter talks to Bobby Jones about saying goodbye to his award winning BET gospel program Bobby Jones Gospel after over 30+ years of being on-air.  Dr. Bobby Jones reflects on his time doing the show and his new ventures that he has coming in the distance future.  Listen to the full interview below, which […]

Courtesy of CNN The FDA has just approved an experimental drug that gets rid of an age old problem for people that have a little more weight to them, the dreaded double chin.  The experimental drug is called Kybella.  The way the drug works is that it has the same acid that is found in […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com A new report on the Freddie Gray case states that the police transport van carrying Mr. Gray made an additional stop prior to arriving to the Baltimore area precinct.  This news comes out after the releasing of Mr. Gray’s police record to the public.  25-year-old Freddie Gray suffered a spinal injury […]

Courtesy of Clash Daily Dot Com The criminal record of 25 year old Baltimore man Freddie Gray, whom was taken into police custody after resisting arrest and ultimately succumbed to injuries he sustained while in their custody and the cause of a riot in Baltimore police record was released.  There are a few narcotic possession […]

  Courtesy of Mail Online After the funeral of 25 year old Freddie Gray, whom mysteriously died after suffering a spinal injury while in police custody,  the community of Baltimore had enough and began an citywide protest, which resulted in some individuals rioting.  Plastered on our television screens was images of looting, fires and pure chaos. […]

Willie Moore, Jr. interviews Lonnie Hunter about his new CD, McDonald’s Tour, being Homeless & more below! [AUDIO]

Courtesy of Philly Dot Com The website GoFundMe has shutdown the funding campaign that someone created to support South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, whom is in the news for the death of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man that was trying to run from the officer during a police traffic stop.  Officer Slager fired […]