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Baltimore Protest

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Courtesy of Mail Online

After the funeral of 25 year old Freddie Gray, whom mysteriously died after suffering a spinal injury while in police custody,  the community of Baltimore had enough and began an citywide protest, which resulted in some individuals rioting.  Plastered on our television screens was images of looting, fires and pure chaos.  Within this chaos, the viewers witnessed a mother gripping her son up by his collar and trying to knock sense into him for his display of decision-making.  This woman is Toya Graham.  She does not want to be labeled a hero.  Ms. Graham became frustrated when she recognized her only son, whom is 16 year old carrying a rock and approaching police officers.  She wanted to stop her son from making a very bad decision.

“That’s my only son and at the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray.” -Toya Graham to CBS TV

“A lot of his friends have been killed. I just want to keep him in the house, but that’s not really going to work.”-Toya Graham to CBS TV

‘He’s been in trouble before. He knows right from wrong but he’s just like other teens, he doesn’t have the perfect relationship with the police in Baltimore.’- Toya Graham to CBS TV

To read more about her interview to national television, click on the link below.


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