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The movie Back To The Future prophesied about the possibility of cars flying in the future and voice activated technology.  Some things have come true such as Siri on the IPhone, while others such as cars flying hasn’t came to fruition.  There is a great news though.  The luxury car company Jaguar in taking the next step in innovation have developed and patented technology that will allow potential drivers control their windshield wipers with their eyes.  This tech is called “Windscreen clearing system”, which was patented by the Jaguar Land Rover company.  The technology was filed for patent in 2013 and has now been approved.  The way the system works is when the driver gazes at the back windshield through the driver’s mirror, a camera picks up this action, and activates a mechanism that wipes off the windshield based on line of sight.  Check out the full story below!


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