Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A  Sydney women registered under the eHarmony dating site has completed over 130 dates in the past two years through the network, but has never participated on a second date and found Mr. Right.  She is one of the most popular people on the social dating site an average […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com The movie Back To The Future prophesied about the possibility of cars flying in the future and voice activated technology.  Some things have come true such as Siri on the IPhone, while others such as cars flying hasn’t came to fruition.  There is a great news though.  The luxury […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A new report claims that facial beards may have more bacteria than a bathroom toilet.  This was based on a study done by a TV news network in New Mexico by one of its reporters where  the reporter swabbed a group of individuals beards and tested the amount of possible […]

Courtesy of Mail Online China shoppers love Ikea a great deal.  They love the Swedish retailer store so much that they actually try out the furniture like the sofas and the beds.  Yes, they sit down, kick off their shoes and go to sleep.  It has became a very big problem to the point that […]

Courtesy of Daily Mail Online Dot Com Lead actor Jamie Dornan walks away from lead actor role in 50 Shades of Grey franchise because of his wife’s displeasure of his role in the film.  Do you think he did the right thing to walk away or should she have had more support for his opportunity? […]

Courtesy of MailOnline Dot Com No one can make you do anything, its up to you!  This is exactly what an independent cat had to be telling itself when their owner tried to put a lime green harness on her to attach a leash to take the feline for a walk.  The cat refuses and […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A new pepper spray device can take a would-be attackers photos, sound an alarm and call the police all with the touch of one single button.  The new device is being called The Defender! The little gadget hangs from your key-chain, but can link up with your cell phone […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A small wallet sized device can tell you in the future if your beverage or drink has been spiked with a foreign substance such as a drug.  The device is called the pd. id.  The instrument is commonly used for deciphering whether a date rape drug is in your […]

Courtesy of Mail Online This story is so inspiring!  A two year old amputee walks for the very first time.  His name is Kayden Elijah and his right foot and left leg were amputated earlier this year.  He was born with his vital organs outside of his body, the condition is called Omhalocele .  The doctors […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com Your only as old as you feel and for an army vet, his age is 77, but he probably felt like an 21 year old man!  An 77 year old army veteran flexed his muscles when he outlasted a few young men in an push-up contest in Ukraine.  The […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com Minnesota man robs a home of cash, credit cards and other items.  He was about to get away with the burglary, but there was just one thing on his mind before he left the residency.  He wanted to check his Facebook.  Yes, his Facebook!  The perpetrator checked his Facebook, […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Airport security stopped a man that they claimed had an abnormal bulge from his pants legs.  After further searching, TSA found 66 birds taped into his pants.  He was trying to smuggle the little finches and hummingbirds from Cuba, but told security it was one pigeon.  The devil will make a […]