Clues and Categories is next on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Find out if the men will go up 2-0 for the week or will the ladies tie it up?  

On Lonnie’s recent trip to Detroit, he was able to talk to a few players of the Oxygen hit tv show, Preachers of Detroit.  In this installment, Lonnie talked to cast member Pastor David Bullock.  Find out some information about him, the impact of the show on his everyday life as well as the reasons […]

Today would have been Michael Brown’s 19th birthday (May 20th), the young African-American teenager that lost his life by the hands of a Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, that resulted in national riots across the nation.  He was walking home with a best friend when he was approached by a police officer and an altercation […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A Columbia University student brought her dorm room bed mattress to graduation to protest her being raped at campus by a another student that was not charged and able to walk down the aisle at the ceremony.  The women began a senior art project that reflected on her terrible […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Another report of a hanging, another black man.  This incident occurred in the Georgia.  The authorities claim that so far there is no evidence that would suggest foul play right now.  The victim according to the authorities was just recently interviewed about a death of a woman in Georgia, but […]

Courtesy of Grio Dot Com An Georgia school founder is in hot water for some comments she made during an graduation.  The comments were made at the TNT Academy in Lilburn, Georgia after the school founder was trying to get students to stop leaving the ceremony early after the Valedictorian speech was accidentally omitted from […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com The Fox Network has announced that next year’s Season 15 of American Idol will be its last.  This show has seen major ratings success year after year including an 8 year run between 2003-2011 where American Idol was the number 1 ranked show on television.  However, considering the recent numbers, […]

Courtesy of The Bleacher Report NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers have pulled a playoff game skit that was shown during their game versus the Chicago Bulls after criticism that the video has a domestic violence tone.  The skit reenacts the scene from Dirty Dancing and a male Cleveland Cavs fans catches his girlfriend and throws her across the […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com Apple just released their brand new smart watch less than a few weeks ago with a base price tag of $349 with the price increasing based on the different types of watch bands.  This story right here might cause some consumers to reconsider a spur of the moment purchase. […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com The Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has issued a declaration in her news conference this morning that the Baltimore PD will have body cameras by the end of this year.  The mayor has also joined with the City Council president in issuing a request to the Department of Justice to investigate the city police […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A  Sydney women registered under the eHarmony dating site has completed over 130 dates in the past two years through the network, but has never participated on a second date and found Mr. Right.  She is one of the most popular people on the social dating site an average […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com The movie Back To The Future prophesied about the possibility of cars flying in the future and voice activated technology.  Some things have come true such as Siri on the IPhone, while others such as cars flying hasn’t came to fruition.  There is a great news though.  The luxury […]