Weather: Showers/High-68 Philadelphia Federation of Schools! Philadelphia Federation of Schools has won its first battle in the war with the SRC over the cancellation of the teachers’ contracts at an emergency meeting at city hall yesterday. A judge has ordered a preliminary injunction. The SRC will appeal the order commonwealth court. Airbag Recall! There are […]

Finally, some good news the children, parents, faculty and more! Today the House voted 114 to 84 to and approved the $2-a-pack cigarette tax bill, which will help fund Philadelphia’s public schools! Read more at “Like” me on Facebook at or follow me on Twitter @cecemcghee. Plus, sign up for your Daily Faith […]

Weather: Today: Sunny High: 75 Approval Of The Cigarette Tax Is Still Up In The Air! We’ll either know today or Monday whether or not the state house will approve the big cigarette tax to help fund Philly’s public schools! Teachers Carrying Guns In Schools? Meanwhile, the PA senate is considering a bill that would allow […]

Weather Today: Partly cloudy High: 77 News you can use… It’s Back To School For Philly Public School Students! It was back to school bells this morning for children in Philadelphia Public Schools as their first day of school gets underway thanks to an advance of state funds and the hope for cigarette tax revenue, […]

Weather Today: Cloudy with a few thunderstorms later today! High: 89 News you can use… Help Is On The Way To Help Fill Void For Philly’s Public Schools! Praise the Lord that corporations and community groups are coming together to help fill the budget gaps in our Philadelphia School system, which are in the tens […]

Weather: Today: Sun mixing with some clouds, going up to a pleasant 89! News you can use… Home Depot Security Breach! First it was Target, then P.F. Chang’s and now it’s Home Depot facing another big data breach. The retailer is currently working with security to verify if hackers were able to access customer’s credit […]

Weather Today: Hot and humid with some PM Pop-up storms! High: 91 News you can use… Back To School/ Philadelphia School District Calendar! It’s back to school for many students in our area today. However, the Philadelphia public schools open next Monday, Sept. 8! The kindergarteners go back Sept. 15. Get the Philadelphia School District calendar […]

Michael Brown Laid To Rest Today! Michael Brown’s family is asking for peace and quiet in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri today as they lay Brown to rest today. As you recall, unarmed Brown was shot and killed by a police officer, which sparked days of protests. Meanwhile, things are slowly getting back to normal. […]

Fate of Philly’s Schools Revealed This Week! This week we’ll finally know whether or not Philly schools will open on time! This all depends whether or not Superintendent William Hite will lay off hundreds of teachers. Read more at Roosevelt Boulevard Construction Begins! Heads up if you use Roosevelt Boulevard! Beginning tonight a major […]