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Philadelphia Federation of Schools!

Philadelphia Federation of Schools has won its first battle in the war with the SRC over the cancellation of the teachers’ contracts at an emergency meeting at city hall yesterday. A judge has ordered a preliminary injunction. The SRC will appeal the order commonwealth court.

Airbag Recall!

There are close to 5 million cars affected in an airbag recall. The airbags could explode harming passengers with pieces of metal. Many of the early 2,000 of Honda’s, Toyota’s, and Mazda’s are a part of that recall, along with many more!

Staples Hacked!

The office supply chain Staples, reports that it was hacked by cyber-attackers and that customer info may have been breached. Staples is investigating with law enforcement. Right now there are no specifics. However, the stores that might have been attacked include: one in NJ, seven in PA and three in New York.

Apple Pay

“Apple Pay,” which lets you use your phone like your wallet, is now available for iPhone 6 and 6-Plus.

Designer Oscar de la Renta Has Passed!

Famous designer Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday after battling cancer. He was 82 and has dressed celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, the late Jackie Kennedy and more!

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