Staples Buys Office Depot The office supply chain Staples is merging with Office Depot. Staples bought Office Depot for $6.3 billion dollars. Read more at Got Milk? Coca-Cola Does Coca-Cola will soon be in the milk biz. Coke is coming out with new premium milk called “Fairlife.” It has more protein and less sugar […]

In “Black Thursday” the new “Black Friday?” In the past, “Black Friday” has always been the official start of the holiday shopping season. But at this rate, it looks like “Black Friday” will soon turn into “Black Thursday,” because retailers just can’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Instead, the some stores will be opened […]

Weather: Showers/High-68 Philadelphia Federation of Schools! Philadelphia Federation of Schools has won its first battle in the war with the SRC over the cancellation of the teachers’ contracts at an emergency meeting at city hall yesterday. A judge has ordered a preliminary injunction. The SRC will appeal the order commonwealth court. Airbag Recall! There are […]

Eagles Move On From QB Michael Vick! According to reports from, The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to part ways with Quarterback Michael Vick and go in another direction regarding the backup quarterback position! Vick has spent the last five seasons in Philadelphia. According to the report, the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders are […]

Cleotha ‘Cleedi’ Staples, a founding member of the pioneering folk-gospel group, The Staple Singers, has died at the age of 78. She had gracefully battled…