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It’s Back To School For Philly Public School Students!

It was back to school bells this morning for children in Philadelphia Public Schools as their first day of school gets underway thanks to an advance of state funds and the hope for cigarette tax revenue, as the budget deficit remains.

I would love to see those “Back 2 School” pictures of your child or children. Post them now at Please use the #back2school.

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Eagles Win Nail-Biting Season Opener!

I don’t know about you but that thing that the Eagles pulled yesterday deserves for all players to be put on time out for sending Philly fans into a panic. By half time, the Jacksonville Jaguars were beating the Eagles 17-0. However, after halftime the Eagles soared up and landed with a win over the Jaguars 34-17. Eagles play the Indiana Colts next week in Indy!

Chick-fil-A Founder Passes!

On a sad note:

The founder of the Chick-fil-A chain has passed away. S. Truett Cathey was well-known for his faith in Jesus. He was 93. Personally, I love the environment and the customer service Chick-fil-A. Employees are warm, welcoming and so chipper. And I also love the fact that the fast food restaurant is closed on Sundays, which has always been a big deal. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family. S. Truett Cathey’s funeral will be will be Wednesday.

Congrats To Tennis Star Serena Williams!

On a happier note:

Serena Williams won her 3RD in a row U.S. Open!

Apple’s Big Announcement Is Tomorrow!

Apple is staying very tight-lipped about the new products but tomorrow is the big day to find out what all the hush-hush is about. Apple will hold a press conference for the big announcement. But there is some speculation that it’s all the iPhone 6 and the iWatch, some type of wearable device. Last week I found it strange that lines were already starting to form days in advance of Apple’s announcement, only to find out those people were planted there for they hype!

Pot or Not?

The big question facing Mayor Michael Nutter this week is, “Pot or not?” The mayor will have to decide by Thursday whether or not to sign or veto a city council bill that was passed in June that decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana.

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