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Today: Sun mixing with some clouds, going up to a pleasant 89!

News you can use…

Home Depot Security Breach!

First it was Target, then P.F. Chang’s and now it’s Home Depot facing another big data breach. The retailer is currently working with security to verify if hackers were able to access customer’s credit and debit information over the last few months. If this is the case, it will be the biggest breach ever!

Great News For Philly Schools!

For the first time ever Philly schools are no longer on the persistently dangerous list. The district says this is the 4th consecutive year that the total number of violent incidents has declined!

Corner Store Forced To Stop Selling Plastic Pistols!

This Labor Day weekend, organizers on Point Breeze Avenue spoke up and expressed their outrage, which ended the gun sale of plastic pistols at a local corner store. These plastic pistols look like real guns and could become a problem when face to face with police. Organizers say this is just the beginning of many more protests to come.

The New Dilworth Park Opens For Business Today In Center City!

It’s been two years of construction but now the new Dilworth Park, formerly known as Dilworth Plaza, reopens today in Center City! The new park located at the base of City Hall that connects the Avenue of the Arts with the Ben Franklin Parkway.

As we speak, fences and cones are being removed for the 11am ribbon cutting ceremony, which will be attended by Mayor Michael Nutter and other city officials!

Thursday Night Football!

The NFL season begins tonight! It’s Green Bay and Seattle. Meanwhile, the Eagles have three days to its season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at 1PM!

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