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Melissa Brown, Sr. Manager of Marketing at Home Depot, joined Roland Martin Wednesday on NewsOne Now to discuss their HBCU “Retool Your School” grant program. More…

  News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Sunny with a chance of showers here and there! High: 79 It’s time news you can use hot off the press: Acme Has Been Hacked! Acme is now following in the footsteps of Target and Home Depot. The supermarket chain has been hacked. It happened in late […]

56 Million Credit Cards Have Been Affected By Home Depot’s Security Breach! According to Home Depot, 56 million credit cards are at risk due the company’s security breach. This is more than the 40 million credit card info stolen from Target. For more information, go to Chicago School Will Not Be Named After President […]

Weather Today: Cloudy with a chance of rain or drizzle this afternoon High: 77 News you can use… Home Depot Security Breach Information! If you have shopped at Home Depot in the last five or six months the company has confirmed there has been a security breach. The hackers probably took credit card info and […]

Weather: Today: Sun mixing with some clouds, going up to a pleasant 89! News you can use… Home Depot Security Breach! First it was Target, then P.F. Chang’s and now it’s Home Depot facing another big data breach. The retailer is currently working with security to verify if hackers were able to access customer’s credit […]