Weather Today: A cool breeze, partly sunny this morning and clouds roll in this afternoon. High: 44 News you can use hot off the press: Former New York Governor Passes Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York, has died at the age of 82. He served a three-year term. His son, Andrew Cuomo, is […]

Weather Today: Sunny and cold! High: 39 News you can use hot off the press: Mummers 2015 Parade! The Mummers Parade has a new strut today! It kicked off this morning at 10am, beginning at 15th and Market Streets in center city and it ends at Broad and Washington Avenue! Read more at Ski […]

Weather Today: Sunny, cold and windy. It will actually feel like winter High: 35 Tonight: Bundle of for those fireworks! It will be clear and cold! Low: Low 20’s News you can use hot off the press: Philly Fireworks! In keeping our tradition here in Philly, get ready for two free sets of New Year’s […]

Weather Today: Partly Sunny High: 46 News you can use hot off the press: The U.S. War in Afghanistan Has Ended After 13 years, the U.S. War in Afghanistan ended Sunday, making it the longest war in American history. We lost 2,356 American troops. Please keep their families in your prayers. ‘The Interview’ Made Over […]

Weather Today: Partly cloudy with a chilly breeze High: 43 (with wind chills in the 30s) News you can use hot off the press: Sony Gives Movie the Ax! North Korea Linked to Hack Attack! Sony Pictures has decided to scratch the Christmas Day release of the controversial movie, “The Interview,” which is a comedy […]

Weather Today: Partly Sunny, Breezy and Mild High: Lower 50’s News you can use hot off the press: Sony Cancels NYC Premiere Of “The Interview” Sony has decided to cancel the New York premiere of the movie “The Interview,” due to threats of violence that referenced 9-11. The movie, which is supposed to hit screens […]

Weather Today: Fog breaking apart to make room for showers to move in this afternoon. High: 50 News you can use hot off the press: Manhunt Continues For Gunman! The manhunt continues for the Bradley Stone, the man police say killed six of his family members as well as seriously injuring another. The search has […]

Weather Today: Mostly Sunny and Cool High: 43 News you can use… Today we say thank you and goodbye to the first female firefighter to die in the line duty in the city of Philadelphia. Today, Firefighter Joyce Craig will be laid to rest. She was trapped in the basement while fighting a fire in […]

Weather: Today: Dry, partly cloudy and not as brisk High: 43 News you can use hot off the press: Second Round of Snow For Upstate New York Speaking of weather, my prayers are going out to the residents of upstate New York. When I look at all of that snow my heart goes out to […]

Weather: Today: Rainy with the heaviest rain this afternoon, with a high in the mid-50s. *You better enjoy these temps today because tomorrow the high will be in the mid 30s. News you can use hot off the press… Flight Delays Due To Rain! Speaking of the rain, it’s causing delays at Philly International! Some […]

News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Cloudy with leftover showers moving in as we head into the afternoon. The wind will also kick in and it will be cooler with a high of 54! News you can use hot off the press: Post Office Delivers Daily Through Christmas! The post office will now be […]

News you can use hot off the press: Corbett Releases Money Early For Philly Schools! Governor Tom Corbett held a press conference earlier this morning here in Philly to announce that he is allowing an advance of the money that was already promised to the Philadelphia school district, in order for public schools to open […]