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Today: Partly cloudy with a chilly breeze

High: 43 (with wind chills in the 30s)

News you can use hot off the press:

Sony Gives Movie the Ax! North Korea Linked to Hack Attack!

Sony Pictures has decided to scratch the Christmas Day release of the controversial movie, “The Interview,” which is a comedy about taking out the leader of North Korea. Sony called off the release of the movie due to terror threats, accompanied by the Sony hack attack! Meanwhile, U.S. officials have linked the Sony hacking scandal to North Korea!

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Back In Court Today!

The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect is due in federal court today. It’s the final pre-trial session and security will be tight.

Free Shipping Ends Today For Retailers!

Heads up, Christmas is one week away and today is your last day for free shipping. More than a thousand retailers are involved and the website is urging online shoppers to get those orders in by the close of business today, even though the deadline is at midnight.

Eagles’ Trent Cole Out For Saturday’s Game!

Eagles linebacker, Trent Cole, is out for Saturday’s game against Washington due to surgery on his broken hand.

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