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Today: Sunny, cold and windy. It will actually feel like winter

High: 35

Tonight: Bundle of for those fireworks! It will be clear and cold!

Low: Low 20’s

News you can use hot off the press:

Philly Fireworks!

In keeping our tradition here in Philly, get ready for two free sets of New Year’s Eve fireworks! The first one is at 6pm and the other one is at midnight. Both will be over the Delaware River!

Times Square Ball Drop!

Police are already closing off some streets to traffic around Times Square in preparation for the ball drop tonight at midnight. Close to a million people are expected to there. That’s a good thing because it will be cold! Body heat will be no problem with all of those bodies.

An App Can Get You Home Safely!

Let’s just say hypothetically you find yourself or somebody you know in an unusual situation where you might have had a little too much to sip on. Well, there’s an app called “Safe Ride” that will help you out in three ways:

1. It will help you find a taxi to get you home safely

2.It will help you call a friend from your phone to come pick you up

3.If needed, app will geographically tell you where you are.

This is a national service that kicked off earlier this month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for their annual drunk driving crackdown campaign.


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