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Cigarette Tax Bill In The Hands of PA Senate For School Funding! Finally, some good news the children, parents, faculty and more! The House voted 114 to 84 authorized and approve the $2-a-pack cigarette tax bill, which will help fund Philadelphia’s public schools! The bill now goes to the Senate for the final vote. Read […]

Last day of summer! Fall rolls in at 10:29 tonight! Weather Today: Sunny High: Near 71 News you can use… Cigarette Tax Will Be Voted On Today! Today is the day the state House will vote on the two-dollar cigarette tax to fund Philly’s public schools. School Superintendent William Hite says the bill has to […]

News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Sunny High: 79 Respiratory Illness Confirmed In 22 States! According to the CDC, cases of the virus known as enterovirus 68, has been confirmed in 22 states including New Jersey! The symptoms of this severe respiratory illness include: sneezing, fever, coughing and shortness of breath. There is no […]

56 Million Credit Cards Have Been Affected By Home Depot’s Security Breach! According to Home Depot, 56 million credit cards are at risk due the company’s security breach. This is more than the 40 million credit card info stolen from Target. For more information, go to Chicago School Will Not Be Named After President […]

Weather: Today: Sunny High: 75 Approval Of The Cigarette Tax Is Still Up In The Air! We’ll either know today or Monday whether or not the state house will approve the big cigarette tax to help fund Philly’s public schools! Teachers Carrying Guns In Schools? Meanwhile, the PA senate is considering a bill that would allow […]

News you can use…. Weather: Today: Sunny and Pleasant High: Low 70’s Lawmakers Are Back! Prayerfully, They Will Approve The Cigarette Tax For Philly’s Public Schools! It’s back to the state capitol today and prayerfully they will finally approve and pass the much-needed cigarette tax which will generate the money to fund our Philadelphia public […]

News you can use…. Weather: Today-Cloudy with periods of rain High-71 The End of Queen Lane Apartments! It was a bittersweet moment in Germantown early this morning as a long-standing piece of history came tumbling down. Sixteen stories of the Queen Lane Apartments was a planned implosion of the 59-year-old building. The building will now […]

Philadelphia School District Finding New Ways To Boost Attendance! It feels good to finally be able to say something positive when it comes to The Philadelphia School District. The district is working strategically to stress the importance of attendance! Because the truth of the matter is, if students are not in school, they are not […]

Have you seen any dogs in your church beside with the exception of assisting a blind person? We’ll I haven’t seen any dogs in my church, but we may all begin see more dogs in our churches but for good reasons. Churches are beginning to bring in “comfort dogs” as a ministry. These dogs will […]

Weather Today: Cloudy, giving way to sunshine High: 81 News you can use… President Barack Obama Addresses ISIS Issue Tonight! Tonight at 9pm President Barack Obama will address the nation on the dangers of Islamic radicals in Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS. Voter’s Rights’ Take Their Fight To The PA Supreme Court Regarding Voting […]

Believe it or not, more schools are starting to ban homework because they are concerned that kids are on overload by doing too much. Therefore, they are taking it out of their schedules. What???? “Like” me on Facebook at or follow me on Twitter @cecemcghee. Plus, sign up for your Daily Faith Lift™ by […]

Weather Today: Cloudy with a chance of rain or drizzle this afternoon High: 77 News you can use… Home Depot Security Breach Information! If you have shopped at Home Depot in the last five or six months the company has confirmed there has been a security breach. The hackers probably took credit card info and […]