Weather: Today: Rainy with the heaviest rain this afternoon, with a high in the mid-50s. *You better enjoy these temps today because tomorrow the high will be in the mid 30s. News you can use hot off the press… Flight Delays Due To Rain! Speaking of the rain, it’s causing delays at Philly International! Some […]

News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Cloudy with leftover showers moving in as we head into the afternoon. The wind will also kick in and it will be cooler with a high of 54! News you can use hot off the press: Post Office Delivers Daily Through Christmas! The post office will now be […]

News you can use hot off the press… Weather: Today: Mostly Sunny High: 58 Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny High: Upper 60’s (Election Day) Election Day is tomorrow! Speaking of Election Day, make sure you get out and vote so your voice can be heard. Polls open tomorrow in Pennsylvania and Delaware from 7am-8pm and in New […]

Weather: Beautiful day with a high of 66! Guilty Plea for Pa. State Senator LeAnna Washington! According to attorneys for Pennsylvania State Senator LeAnna Washington, who is charged with using government staffers to plan campaign fundraising events, is expected to plead guilty next week. Read more at Philadelphia Police Collect Used Cell Phones To […]

News you can use… Weather Today: Rain off and on, cloudy, breezy with a high of 57 No Word Yet On The Sell Of PGW Today the Philadelphia City Council will hold their regular meeting, however, its hush-hush as to whether or not lawmakers will debate Mayor Nutter’s plan to sell PGW! More Cars Added […]

Weather: Showers/High-68 Philadelphia Federation of Schools! Philadelphia Federation of Schools has won its first battle in the war with the SRC over the cancellation of the teachers’ contracts at an emergency meeting at city hall yesterday. A judge has ordered a preliminary injunction. The SRC will appeal the order commonwealth court. Airbag Recall! There are […]

News you can use… Weather: Today: Mostly Sunny High: 71 *Cold front slides in Saturday night into Sunday morning so keep that in mind! Ebola Czar? As questions continue to swirl out of control regarding the Ebola virus, President Barack Obama says he just might have to consider naming an Ebola Czar; which would deal […]

News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Cloudy with a possible pop up rain shower here and there! High: 79 Second Dallas Nurse Has The Ebola Virus! A second Dallas nurse has the Ebola virus. The nurse informed the CDC of her low-grade fever before taking a flight and was given the okay to fly […]

Weather: Today: Partly Cloudy High: 79 News you can use hot off the press… Septa And Regional Rails Engineers Make Peace! After 5 years, a long running contract between Septa and the regional rails engineers reach a tentative agreement, which is good news for riders! Nurses Say They Are At Risk For The Ebola Virus! […]

News you can use hot off the press: Weather: Today: Partly Sunny High: 75 Using That Hands Free System May Not Be Safe! If you think that you are safe by using your hands free system in your car, you might want to think again. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the research […]

Weather Today: Sunny with a high of 72! DEADLINE IS TODAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE! Today is the last day to register to vote in the PA General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Ways to register: In Philly- City Hall to the County Board of Elections, Room 142 Voter registration office, 520 N. Columbus […]

  News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Sunny with a chance of showers here and there! High: 79 It’s time news you can use hot off the press: Acme Has Been Hacked! Acme is now following in the footsteps of Target and Home Depot. The supermarket chain has been hacked. It happened in late […]