Courtesy of CNN Dot Com A furious biker gang shootout occurred between two rival biker gangs in the Waco, Texas that resulted in the death of 9 people and 170 arrests.  Apparently, the argument and shootout brawl stemmed from the two gangs, the Bandidos and the Cossacks beefing over territorial payments and the state insignia on […]

Courtesy of The Bleacher Report NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers have pulled a playoff game skit that was shown during their game versus the Chicago Bulls after criticism that the video has a domestic violence tone.  The skit reenacts the scene from Dirty Dancing and a male Cleveland Cavs fans catches his girlfriend and throws her across the […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com Apple just released their brand new smart watch less than a few weeks ago with a base price tag of $349 with the price increasing based on the different types of watch bands.  This story right here might cause some consumers to reconsider a spur of the moment purchase. […]

Courtesy of CNN The FDA has just approved an experimental drug that gets rid of an age old problem for people that have a little more weight to them, the dreaded double chin.  The experimental drug is called Kybella.  The way the drug works is that it has the same acid that is found in […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com A new report on the Freddie Gray case states that the police transport van carrying Mr. Gray made an additional stop prior to arriving to the Baltimore area precinct.  This news comes out after the releasing of Mr. Gray’s police record to the public.  25-year-old Freddie Gray suffered a spinal injury […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com A few weeks ago, President Obama suggested that mandatory voting could offset money’s influence in politics.  During the recent midterm elections, only about 40 percent of the voting population actually cast a ballot.  Some countries such as Australia have mandatory voting.  This mandatory voting is they have to actually go […]

Courtesy of CNN and You Tube In a 2007 Emmy acceptance speech, Kathy Griffin mentioned that Jesus had nothing to do with winning an creative arts Emmy award for the show she was nominated, My Life on the D-List.  Kathy Griffin stated, “At the Emmy awards, alot of people come up here and thank Jesus […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com The St. Louis County police department wants an apology from the National Football League’s St. Louis Rams organization for a gesture that some players made during this past Sunday’s game.  A few of the Rams players mimicked the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture to show solidarity with the Ferguson community […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com His name is Walter Gildersleeve, but the Detroit community knows him as a community street patrol that goes by the superhero character name “Batman”.  He is a part of the Detroit Street Watchers watch group.  His task everyday is making the streets of Detroit a better place and he has […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Another day, another in-flight altercation that resulted in a plane having to emergency land.  A Delta airlines flight was rerouted after an argument ensued between passengers about a seat reclining issue.  A lady was knitting and wanted to recline her seat when a female passenger behind her became frustrated and […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com New audio suggests that there were about 10 gunshots heard at the time of the Michael Brown shooting by a Ferguson County police officer.  The audio was recorded during an online chat by a neighbor that lives in the vicinity of where Michael Brown was killed.  The audio has not […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Fast food chain Burger King is looking to expand its operations abroad by trying to merge with Tim Hortons.  This is a big deal because Burger King’s business internationally has increased profit.  Burger King wants to merge with Tim Hortons and relocate to Canada.  The importance of the relocation is by moving their […]