Voting 2012

 Tuesday after winning the 2012 presidential elections, Obama stopped at his Chicago campaign head quarters to address his  staff on a ‘ job well done’. The grateful leader said” I’m really proud of all of you,  what you guys accomplished will go on in the annals of history.” During the address President Obama  became overwhelmed with emotion and began to tear up. Watch  the video below: Source 

At 12:38am eastern standard time, President Barack Obama along side the first family took center stage in Chicago Illinois. Stevie Wonder’s classic tune “Signed Sealed Delivered” ignited the crowd as they prepared for the Presidents post victory speech. The Commander-in-Chief addressed the nation with a much different  tune then that of his 2008 election night speech. […]

Mitt Romney reluctantly delivered his concession speech, nearly 2 hours after CNN alongside several other new resources  declared victory for President Barack Obama.  Governor Romney gave a gracious concession speech tonight as he accepted defeat in the 2012 Presidential election. Romney opened his speech congratulating the returning Commander-in-Chief and professing to his supporters  ” I ran for […]

After a long campaign trail,  Barack Obama has been elected for a second term as President of the United States. Election night began as a, “neck and neck”, race as both candidates fought for electoral votes.  As the night went on, President Obama quickly emerged as the clear winner with 274 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 203 […]

With election day less than a week away it is vital that you’re prepared  for the polls. Below you’ll find some basic voting information for the 2012 Presidential elections: Election Day: November 6th Pennsylvania : Polls open at 7am  Polls Close at 8pm New Jersey: Polls open at 6am  Polls Close at 8pm Delaware: Polls […]

Sometimes, it might seem like the battles for our rights and liberties are some distant memory – even something you’ve only read about in a textbook or seen in a documentary. SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama Defends Husband, Says Black Women Have Her Hubby’s Back [Exclusive] The Emancipation Proclamation was signed a century and a half ago. The […]

Last night was the 2nd installment of  the  2012 Presidential debate. During the 1st debate the consensus seemed to be that President Barack Obama was to “polite,” however that was not the case during last night’s debate. Both candidates showed forms of aggression in various points throughout the night, causing a stir in the media […]

According to the Christian Post, a group called “God Said” is launching a campaign to get 25 percent of the African American vote. The organization is trying to get them to not vote for President Barack Obama, because of his stance on gay marriage. In Obama’s 2008 campaign he said he supported civil unions for […]