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According to the Christian Post, a group called “God Said” is launching a campaign to get 25 percent of the African American vote. The organization is trying to get them to not vote for President Barack Obama, because of his stance on gay marriage.

In Obama’s 2008 campaign he said he supported civil unions for gay couples but believed marriage is something that should only be between a man and woman.

However in May, President Obama said he believes gay couples should be able to get married.

Even if you disagree, it seems ridiculous to vote for someone on one issue. There’s so much going on in society with the economy and unemployment. It doesn’t quite make sense that gay marriage is the focus of how someone will vote.

Gay marriage isn’t the reason why divorce rates are at their current state. It’s not leading to the destruction of marriage and families.

It’s interesting that so many people in society want the government to stay out of their lives, and yet the way they vote is being determined on what the president thinks about gay marriage. It’s what he thinks, not what he plans on doing regarding it.

Although Obama stated his opinion on gay marriage, there hasn’t been any national laws passed for it. That has been an issue handled at the state level.

Obviously, how you vote and who you vote for is up to you, but at least do the research for yourself.

Words by Stephanie Lauredent

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