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With election day less than a week away it is vital that you’re prepared  for the polls. Below you’ll find some basic voting information for the 2012 Presidential elections:

Election Day: November 6th

Pennsylvania :

  • Polls open at 7am
  •  Polls Close at 8pm

New Jersey:

  • Polls open at 6am
  •  Polls Close at 8pm


  • Polls open at 7am
  •  Polls Close at 8pm

If you are in line by 8p you still have the right to vote DO NOT LEAVE!

Do you know where to vote in the 2012  Presidential elections?

Absentee Ballot Updates
  • The Absentee Ballot Deadline has been extended to Thursday Nov. 1st at 5pm.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications for absentee ballots has been extended to 5pm,Thursday,November 1, By order of the Governor
  • The deadline for the receipt of the voted absentee ballots remains 5 pm Friday, November 2.

There are several circumstances in which an absentee ballot may be used.

Click here for more  info

If you have any problems at the poll election day DO NOT LEAVE, first contact some of the helpful numbers listed  below:

  • Philadelphia Elections Watchdog Group -1-866-Our-Vote
  • Philadelphia District Attorney – Election Day Hotline (215) 686-9643
  • New Jersey- 1-887- NJ- Voter

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