According to an article on the Black Enterprise Magazine’s website, Black women are starting up businesses at a rate 6 times the national average; in fact the number of businesses owned by Black women increased from 1 in 6 back in 1997 to 1 in 3 in 2015. Businesses owned by non-minority women increased by […]

Wait…So ALL my money belongs to God, not just my tithes and offering? I never thought about money this way. After reading this article it’s time to start spending, planning, and saving differently!!   THE CHALLENGES OF SHARED FINANCES By Pastor Gary & Mona N. VIA: Which of the following terms best describes who you are … […]

Swimming is debt can hold you hostage for many years and in some cases forever.  Learning how to be thrifty in your spending while wanting the best can buy can be challenging.  For most of us saving money is harder than learning to speak a foreign language.  But of for all of us saving money […]

Did you miss the Faith & Finances Workshop at the Inspiration & Music Conference? Well we have the entire workshop right here. Check out the video of the  Faith & Finances Workshop below…    CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE INSPIRATION & MUSIC CONFERENCE  

Join Attorney Georgette Miller and CeCe McGhee today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.! We are stopping the hits for a sneak preview of the ‘Faith and Finance’ workshop at our Inspiration and Music Conference, Saturday, March 23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you are ready to live debt-free, then Praise 103.9 is the […]

Sears Holdings Corporation announced on Tuesday that it has plans to close between 100 and 120 Kmart and Sears locations following a rough holiday sales season for their stores. Read:3 Things To Do With Unwanted Gifts “Given our performance and the difficult economic environment, especially for big-ticket items, we intend to implement a series of […]

This week holiday shoppers have turned into post-holiday exchangers. While Main Street shops for sweaters in the proper size, Wall Street has a few items to cross off of its “to do” list before New Year’s eve, too. Read: Fact: Christmas Does Not End On December 25! Let’s go over some of the items that […]

Are you searching for some residual income ideas? Perhaps you are looking for ways to earn a second income or generate enough money for retirement. Whatever the reason, residual income is probably the best way to reach your financial goals. First of all, let us define residual income. The easiest definition is that this type […]

The purpose of this budget is to come up with a system to govern everyday spending. If nothing else, remember this one simple budgeting rule: Spend less money than you make. We are all in tight budget times. The best thing about it is that when you learn the key you can master all the […]

Foreclosure rescue fraud is sweeping the country and can end up costing you the home and equity you’re desperately trying to save from foreclosure. If someone who is not your mortgage lender promises to save your home and asks for you to pay money up front, you need to be very cautious.  Here are 5 […]

Gold and silver were tIn times of troubles, some look to friends, some prayer, some party, and smart investors buy precious metals like gold and silver. With gold hitting a record $1600 per ounce this week and silver heading up towards the previous May high, it looks like the investment community is nervous and seeking […]

Save a little at a time over a long period of time. If on your 18th birthday you start saving $200 per month and you do this for 8 years, so on your 26th birthday you stop saving… But you never touch the original $14,400 but you keep it in cd’s and other interest bearing […]