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Adjusting to college life can be difficult for students transitioning from high school, and even for those who are older students. While there may be some bumps along the way, here are 10 things to help make the transition easier once you’re on campus.  MAINTAIN A COLLEGE BUDGET While students and parents are aware of the […]

Congratulations to Michele Roberts for being the first woman to head a major sports union.  With 32 out of 36 votes, Michele Roberts is now the Executive Director of the NBA Players Association.  Michele had this to say:  “We are going to have a team, a very strong team, what I call a team of […]

Stephen A. Smith learned the hard way that you can’t always say what you feel.  Especially when you’re talking to billions of people EVERYDAY!  The amount of time and years it takes to gain respect of your peers and fans can be lost in one minute, just by saying the wrong thing!  Stephen, what were you […]

Six Philadelphia Police officers who served in narcotics were taken into custody by federal agents today as part of a federal corruption probe.  All of those officers are current or former narcotics officers.  Those charged are: John Speiser, Brian Reynolds, Michael Spicer, Perry Betts, Thomas Liciardello and Linwood Norman. All are facing multiple charges including extortion, robbery, […]

Legendary Philadelphia 76ers star Charles Barkley is making a power forward move by offering to pay for the funerals of the three children killed in the horrific carjacking crash on Friday.  There’s nothing more powerful than having a star show up to shine a light on a dark situation.  Charles Barkley’s heart has been touched and weighs […]

Philadelphia Police say they charged Cornelius Crawford and Jonathan Rosa in connection with the carjacking that killed three children and injured several others in the city’s Tioga section on Friday.  The suspects have been charged with 3 counts of murder in the second degree, conspiracy, robbery, robbery of a vehicle, kidnapping, sexual assault and other related […]

DEADLY CARJACKING IN PHILADELPHIA – How do we protect our children?  Our babies are dying everyday at the hands of criminals, parents, drugs, guns and a failed system!  What do we have to do as a community, a city, a state, a country to keep our children safe?  While we are unable to stop what God has […]

Andrea McClurkin-Mellini is best known for providing background vocals for her GRAMMY Award-winning brother, Pastor Donnie McClurkin. As she continues to yield her life and her gift, God has pushed her out of the background and into the forefront. Most recently Andrea worked with her brother and four sisters on a family CD aptly titled, […]

NEW @ 2….FEATURES “ETHAN KENT!!! Ethan Kent was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is a product of a hard-working, hard-praying, church-going, single mother who invested in the development of his gift and nurtured his love for the kingdom of God.  Although a newcomer to the music industry, he has faithfully […]

Ricky Dillard stopped by “Praise 103.9, had lunch with some of our listeners and shared a mighty word!!!  “AMAZING”!!!  Simply Amazing!!! Source:  Kay K. Bellamy Video Credit:  Kay K. Bellamy

Most relationships rather dating or married have their fair share of drama, but the one thing that should be constant is your undying and unconditional love for one another. Here is what some couples have learned about true love! Don’t Pretend That Everything Is Fine When You’re Losing It Your significant other is also your support system. If […]

Who says being single is a bad thing? Being single is a gift, and here’s why. Enjoy It Whether you realize it now or not, if the current dating situation works itself out, that’s fine. But if it doesn’t, that’s fine too. When dating, you should take your time, choose wisely and enjoy being single. […]