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Most relationships rather dating or married have their fair share of drama, but the one thing that should be constant is your undying and unconditional love for one another.

Here is what some couples have learned about true love!

Don’t Pretend That Everything Is Fine When You’re Losing It

Your significant other is also your support system. If you notice that something’s off or just not right with them, support them. Don’t let them walk away from you if you can tell they need you.

Wait For The Ring If He’s Worth It

If you have been with your lover for some time and you feel he or she is the one, wait. Don’t rush them into commitment, but also don’t have them thinking that you’re willing to keep giving them your best years without the ring.

Never Ever Take Off Your Ring To See If You’ve Still Got It

If you’re married, consider that jewelry a permanent part of your left ring finger. There’s no reason to take it off to hit on singles to see if you’re still hot. None. Leave it on and keep your marriage together.

Practice For Better Of For Worse While You’re Dating

Those wedding vows should not only be a part of your marriage, they should be a part of your relationship as well. For instance, Martin lost his job, needed Gina and she was there for him, even when he was poised to pawn her engagement ring.


Source:  Hello Beautiful

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