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We are encouraging you to be healthy!

If you sit at your desk the majority workday there is still ways to “Be Healthy!”


You don’t have to sit all of the day, stand instead. Not only is this great for your posture, it’s also a great way for blood to flow throughout the body.

Balance Ball

How about a balance ball instead of your chair? This will help out with your back and tummy because the balance ball is tall and won’t cause any strain.

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Desk Posture

The perfect posture in 90 degrees by sitting up straight, take those shoulders and pull them back and away from your ears. Therefore, situate things on your desk to help you keep that 90 degree posture.


Think of stairs as you best friend. I’m not talking about taking the stairs up 15 or 20 flights, just a few. Hey, that will be more than no stairs at all.

Join us for our “BE HEALTHY EXPO”, October 25 from 11am-3pm! For details go to our homepage!

Speaking of being healthy, you are invited to join me for the St. Jude Give Thanks. Walk., Saturday, Nov. 22 at the Philly zoo. Join my “CeCe’s Angels” team or donate to help me reach or exceed my goal of $2,000! I can only do it with your help! Registration for this family friendly event is free. Please register now at or donate at

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