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You’re Drinking More Water…But It’s Still Not Enough.

Study after study has shown the importance of drinking enough water. Even being a little dehydrated can quickly zap your energy.

What To Do Differently: You’ve head it before, and we’ll say it again – your daily water goal is 6 to 8 cups. Remember that not all of it has to come straight from a water bottle: get creative with some healthy iced tea, add water to your morning smoothie, have water-based soup for lunch. If the water in that bottle is boring, get creative by adding nutritious slices of lemon and oranges.

You Watch Your Carbs…A Little Too Carefully.

Your body needs carbs. In fact, it’s what fuels your body and gives you energy. Also, did you know carbs actually help you burn fat?

Nutritionists say that an idea diet is 50% complex carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat.

What To Do Differently: Add healthy portions of complex carbs to your diet, such as whole-wheat pasta, wheat bread and potatoes (including sweet potatoes).

Your Gym Bag (And All Your Other Bags) Are Way Too Heavy

You know all that stuff you lug around: your purse, your gym bag, the shopping bag – all stuffed with anything and everything you think you may end up needing at some point, if not immediately?

Studies show that toting around all those bags throws your body out of alignment, making it harder to breathe…which increases your heart rate and exhausts you in record time.

What To Do Differently: Invest in a high-quality backpack.

“Instead of putting a lot of weight on one shoulder, a backpack evenly distributes the load,” says Karen Jacobs, an ergonomist and a professor in the department of occupational therapy at Boston University.

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