Today’s Ericaism is inspired by social media, which can be a place, Erica Campbell says, where people focus too much energy on things that are much too small to deserve all that energy. She asks us, if we have 24 hours left to live, how many minutes would you allow yourself to use on being angry, […]

In this latest Ericaism, Erica Campbell reminds us that it’s totally impossible for everyone to like you. Sometimes, you have to just decide not to focus on the bad vibes that people might send your way and keep it moving. Despite how tempting it may be to retaliate when you’re receiving negative energy, the person […]

You really are trying to be healthy…you go to the gym, you drink water, you even eat healthier. So why do you still feel so…

With oil prices’ suddenly racing higher, gasoline isn’t the only thing that’s getting more expensive. Energy costs for your home are also going up, making…

14 Ways To Boost Your Energy You shouldn’t be feeling exhausted every day. The truth is that our habits and and environment zap our energy and leave us feeling tired on a daily basis. Here’s some ways you can increase your energy levels. 1. Exercise Working out at least 30 minutes every day can help […]

Working a job , raising a family and trying to be the best in all you do is a lot.  Sometimes even when you’d like all of your days to be great they fall short and instead frustration, stress and tiredness creep in.  It’s Ok.  Help is on the way.  

Are you feeling sluggish in the mornings? Do you dread hearing the alarm clock going off? Here are some tried-and-true instant energy boosters that will lift and restore your mind from

Sometimes those extra 10 minutes of sleep we get from hitting the snooze button in the morning are not enough.