A New Mexico mother was reminded of her own homeless past after her young son began to ask to take two lunches to school everyday.

This is Jerry Wells, from Praise 107.9 and I’m Just Sayin’… This past Tuesday, October 11th, President Obama published an essay on CNN.com reaffirming his commitment to putting humans on Mars by the year 2030, which is about fourteen years away. Now, the President is my MAIN MAN, the best U.S. President ever, in my […]

A New York guitarists panhandles next to the homeless to help them earn more money from people passing by.

Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller, Florida natives, began a non-profit called, "Live Fresh Palm Beach County." Bentley and Miller converted a 29.5-foot trailer into an air-conditioned mobile shower and personal hygiene facility. The trailer has a total of six private wash rooms, and makes three weekly stops in the Palm Beach area.

The three Shepard sisters refuse to let their situation stop them living out their dreams as becoming track stars.

Nineteen-year-old Fred Barley is homeless, but understands the importance of higher education.

Sixteen-year-old Destyni Tyree was awarded a full scholarship to Potomac State College too.

The talk show host and "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" author shares his rags to riches story for the magazine's recent issue.

Sometimes you just look at something and wonder, ‘Could this be better?’” That was teen Emily Duffy’s question when she started thinking about the living conditions of the homeless. After researching the issue, then at age 15, the Irish schoolgirl in Limerick decided to create a high-tech sleeping bag for the homeless.A year after she […]

  Boxer Manny Pacquiao waves to crowds during a motorcade in Manila, Philippines after arriving from Las Vegas, Nevada, May 13, 2015. Instead of worrying…

James Moss and his son, Zhi In October, James Moss moved to Denver from New York with his 1-year-old son, Zhi, in search of a better life.…

A 60 year old woman known as “Smokie” had been living on the streets in Los Angeles, California for over 10 years before she met Elvis – Elvis Summers, that is. The young man noticed her going through the recycling bins and sleeping on the ground near his home and feeling compassion for her, decided […]