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This is Jerry Wells, from Praise 107.9 and I’m Just Sayin’…

This past Tuesday, October 11th, President Obama published an essay on reaffirming his commitment to putting humans on Mars by the year 2030, which is about fourteen years away. Now, the President is my MAIN MAN, the best U.S. President ever, in my opinion, but I’ve got to break with him on this one.

Did you know that NASA’s annual budget is 19.3 Billion Dollars? That’s Billion, with a B – EVERY YEAR! Am I the only one who thinks that we could do a lot better with that money than taking our mess up there to another planet? Shouldn’t we try to learn to get along down here first? Wouldn’t it be nice to use those dollars to see that everyone, not just in the U.S., but around the world, has enough to eat, a place to live, an education, a future? At a time when wars are raging all over the planet, not all lives seem to matter equally, people are living on the streets, children are going hungry, schools are closing, many elderly are barely getting by and on and on, we need to prioritize people not outer space!

Sure, going to Mars has a nice, futuristic ring to it. It would be an awesome accomplishment, but eradicating hunger, educating everyone, taking care of our seniors, our veterans, our homeless and others would be an even better goal over the next 14 years, and it can be done!

Let’s put our brilliant minds and all that money to work on a more worthy goal. Mars has been there for billions of years, a few more won’t matter!

This is Jerry Wells, and I’m Just Sayin’!

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