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A 60 year old woman known as “Smokie” had been living on the streets in Los Angeles, California for over 10 years before she met Elvis – Elvis Summers, that is. The young man noticed her going through the recycling bins and sleeping on the ground near his home and feeling compassion for her, decided to help.   After hearing about a man who constructed what are called “Tiny Houses” from discarded materials, he decided to do the same for Smokie. Five days and $500 later, as you see in the video, Smokie has a place to stay, if not a house, at least shelter from the elements, and it’s changed her life.

After the passing of her husband, Smokie lost her home and had been on the street with no way to get back on her feet. Though city officials have decreed that she has to move it every 72 hours, (it’s on wheels!) Smokie’s “home” has made all the difference, and Elvis has chosen to continue his compassionate quest. After the story went viral, he started a “Go Fund Me” project, Welcome Home: A Tiny House, Huge Purposeto help more people.  That’s what this “cold world” needs more of!

Jerry Wells

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