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The 2014 Mid-Term elections are just a few months away. Republicans are ramping up their messaging machine and seem to be controlling the narrative, hitting…

President Barack Obama urged Republicans to join Democrats in extending a payroll tax cut set to expire at year’s end.

(CHRISTIANTODAY)  As Democrats conduct a grim postmortem on Tuesday’s (Nov. 2) elections, some liberal leaders say one diagnosis is already clear: the party’s outreach to religious voters was lifeless from the start. Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008 in part because they wrested Catholics and some white Protestants […]

VIA: New Jersey lawmakers on Monday unveiled a package of legislation to allow in-state Internet betting through Atlantic City’s casinos, legalize sports betting if a federal ban is lifted and pump new money into the horse racing industry. The legislation is intended to save both struggling industries, which for years have fought each other. […]