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Barack Obama don’t say much these days. He’s too busy chilling with Michelle, going on vacation, and trying to figure out how we voted in a reality star who rose to fame by telling folks—you’re fired.

Over the last two years, Donald Trump has turned the White House into a real-life version of The Apprentice. Forty-six people have been fired or forced to resign. We learned about people like Homeland Security’s Kirsten Neilsen on Twitter. Others, like Communications Director Anthony Scarammucci, were on the job for about 28 seconds—about as long as R. Kelly was onstage for a $100 a head.

Why does it matter? It matters because a government with a revolving door makes us weaker as a country. And if you hate the instability of a president who can’t keep workers in the White House, don’t look to the Democrats to do better.

Because right now, the only thing Democrats seem to be good at is attacking each other.  

Obama called it a CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD, “where you start shooting at your allies because one of them has strayed from purity on the issues.”

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