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Democrats said the Philadelphia region would play a key role in their campaign to win control of the U.S. House — and they were right.

In the most-anticipated midterm election in recent history, Democrats gained four seats in the area. Women made up the majority of those winners.

Analysts on both sides of the aisle had anticipated that voters would use the midterms to render a verdict on President Trump.

Democrats harnessed voter fury toward President Trump to win control of the House and capture pivotal governorship’s Tuesday night as liberals and moderates banded together to deliver a forceful rebuke of Trump, even as Republicans held on to their Senate majority by claiming a handful of conservative-leaning seats.

The two parties each had some big successes in the states. Republican governors were elected in Ohio and Florida, two important battlegrounds in Trump’s 2020 campaign calculations. Democrats beat Gov. Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Republican and a top target, and captured the governor’s office in Michigan.

Propelled by an unusually high turnout that illustrated the intensity of the backlash against Trump, Democrats claimed at least 26 House seats on the strength of their support in suburban and metropolitan districts that were once bulwarks of Republican power but where voters have recoiled from the president’s demagoguery on race.

Early Wednesday morning Democrats clinched the 218 House seats needed to take control. There were at least 15 additional tossup seats that had yet to be called.

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