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Democrats continue to hold a double-digit lead over Republicans in a generic congressional ballot among likely voters, according to a new CNN Poll. The party’s 55 percent to 42 percent advantage in the new poll mirrors their lead in early October and is about the same as the 10-point edge they held just after Labor Day.

That’s similar to the Republicans’ 10-point advantage just before the 2010 midterms.

Democrats benefit from a massive gender gap that has persisted throughout the fall, a wide lead among political independents, and strong support from black and Latino voters.

Non-white women and white women with college degrees break most heavily for the Democrats, while white men, especially those without college degrees, are most deeply behind the GOP.

About 7 in 10 likely voters say that when they cast a ballot on Tuesday, they’ll be sending a message about President Donald Trump, and more often than not, the message those voters want to send is one of opposition.

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