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Creator’s Corner: Aaron Cole Leaves Transformative Mark In New Album, ‘Sorry, I Changed’

Aaron Cole

Source: RCA Inspiration / Provident Entertainment

NAME: Aaron Cole

OCCUPATION / AFFILIATION: Christian Hip-Hop Artist

LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee (by way of Bristol, Virginia)

HOW ARE YOU USUING YOUR GIFT TO INSPIRE THE COMMUNITY? “The whole basis for why I do music is to inspire my city. I come from a small town in Bristol, Virginia, and so anytime I go back home I always see how I inspire people even when I don’t even know it, with my music and me just being able to do the things that I’m doing. If I can inspire somebody else to go after their dreams, after their goal and what they feel God has [called] them to do, I feel like I’ve done my job. I definitely didn’t think I was going to be here — I shouldn’t be here! — so the fact that I am here just shows that God can use anybody to do what they’re supposed to do in their life.”


Breaking into the competitive and cutthroat world of hip-hop as an emcee can be a challenge for anybody, but it’s an even bigger uphill battle for lyricists laying it down for the Lord. How could a genre that oftentimes celebrates violence and misogyny also be one to embrace Bible verses and ministry? If you let Aaron Cole tell it, or should we say rap about it, you’d be surprised to discover that it only takes faith in His word to make any dream of virtue come true.

At just 25 years old, Cole is defining what it means to be a Christian rapper from looks to sound and everything in-between. It’s a journey he’s been on since the age of four when he wrote his first song and independently dropped his debut album, both aptly titled “Jesus Is The Rock.” Six indie projects later led to him signing with long-running Christian hip-hop label Gotee Records in 2017, and last year he made the big major label switch to RCA Inspiration/Provident Label Group under Sony Music Entertainment. The results so far from that union, a new album released titled Sorry, I Changed (April 26, 2024), shows the greatness that can occur when you give true talent a big enough platform. On standout album cut “Have Your Way” for example, the Dove Award-winning emcee took a flip of Carl Thomas’ chart-topping 2000 R&B classic, “I Wish,” and reworked it as an ode to God’s grace when you simply let him “have His way” in your life. Very clever, king!

With a new home at a major label and youth on his side, Aaron Cole is in the right position to win and has the greatest supporter on his side at every turn of the process. We can’t wait to see how he continues to let the Lord use his vocal talents to spread glory in His name!


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