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By now you have probably heard the saying, “We wouldn’t appreciate the good days as much if we didn’t have the bad ones.” The jury is still out to confirm who gave this indelible gem of wisdom originally, but one thing is certain: Knowing this doesn’t make the bad days any easier.

Since tough moments are inevitable, it is important to have a healthy outlet. Turning to toxic people, behavior, or things will likely leave you feeling worse than when you started. Avoid the additional heartbreak with mood boosters instead.

Here are 10 ways to uplift your spirits when you’re having a bad day.

1. Go for a walk

Whether you want to clear your mind completely or have the opportunity to think through a situation, going for a walk allows you the time and space to do so. Plus, the combo of fresh air and vitamin D is proven to better your attitude, lower your heart rate, and improve your energy.

2. Watch a comfort movie

Sometimes we need to take our minds off of a situation all together in order to lift our spirits. Turn on your favorite comfort movie or show to unwind and give your mind space to relax.

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3. Pray/Meditate

Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” When you’ve have a bad day, talk with God about what is making you upset. Find rest in knowing that He will provide peace and a solution.

4. Eat

There’s nothing like preparing – or ordering – your favorite meal after a less than convenient day. Enjoying comfort food can help our bodies make serotonin which makes us feel calmer, and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol.

5. Retail Therapy

Reward yourself with an item or two to boost confidence and endurance during tough situations. As with eating, moderation is the key when choosing retail therapy.

6. Exercise

Exercise is shown to release endorphins, the chemical that leaves you happier more relaxed and less anxious, allotting for improved mood, more energy, and better sleep.

7. Read

Taking your mind off of your story and diving into another’s – fictional, especially – is a great way to lift the burden of emotions after a hard day.

8. Journaling

At times, you won’t have the opportunity to express your feelings about a matter that upsets you out loud. Journaling gives an opportunity to release the bottled emotions and share what you’re feeling, why, and how to make it better for yourself.

9. Hang out with loved ones

Being around your favorite people is a no-brainer mood boost. You can be yourself and have a space to vent if necessary. Hopefully by the end of the conversation, you’ve gone from crying to laughing, making new memories to replace the one that made you upset.

10. Music

There’s something about good music that takes your mind off of pressing issues. If you’re having a bad day, put on some tunes to mellow you out and serve as an emotional outlet.

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