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Jalyn Hall Names His Favorite Actors He Would Want to Work With

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Jalyn Hall has been in the entertainment scene for quite some time, and he’s only seventeen! The young acting all-star has been apart of some noteworthy productions, such as: Till, Bruiser, All American, and NCIS: Los Angeles. But he is just scratching the surface in terms of making a name for himself in the industry.

A product of Atlanta, Georgia, Hall grew up idolizing the great actors of today, and stayed consistent in pursuing his passion which led him to sharing the same room as such legends.

“There’s moments where you tried to stay cool, but its like ‘they’re right in front of me’” Hall rejoiced. “Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Angela Bassett — It’s like ‘oh my God, I’ve watched you, I admire you, and then you know, sometimes, more often than not, they’ve seen you around, or have seen a glimpse of your project and its like ‘you know me??’”

But these moments do not make him content, as he is still striving to become on of the best actors in the industry today. Hall talks about refraining from complacency — although it is important to acknowledge you accomplishments and give yourself credit for the fruits of your labor — Hall wants to get better.

“Getting better is always the key. adapting, taking direction, adapting characters, being creative, that has always been easy to me” Hall explained. “But not even in a conceited way, a wanting to get better kind of way. A wanting to learn — how can I better myself? You tell me what you see me doing to get better at a certain thing”.

Jalyn also spoke on his partnership with Invisalign and who in the industry he believes has the most infectious smile!

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