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President Donald Trump

Source: The Washington Post / Getty The executive order President Trump signed to end his own administration’s policy of forcibly separating families at the border does nothing to address the 2,300 children who have already been taken from their parents since April.

What happens next is unclear.

Officials from the Administration for Children and Families gave contradicting statements to CBS News, while Customs said children already in custody wouldn’t be reunited with parents until after they are prosecuted.

The poor coordination was described in the Washington Post by Erik Hanshew, an assistant federal public defender in El Paso, who said he can’t explain the situation to parents.  

I can’t promise that they’ll be able to speak to their children, or know their whereabouts or who is taking care of them, or whether they’ll be sent back home without their kids …

This administration appears to have no infrastructure, policy or plan in place to deal with the destruction of families seeking refuge or a new life in our country. The disarray and confusion are on full display at the detention hearings I’ve attended for my clients.

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