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Queen Sugar Ep 303 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

This episode, officially titled “Your Distant Destiny” begins with Micah (Nicholas Ashe) preparing to go to public school for the first time. It’s Keke’s (Tanyell Waivers) school too, so it’s a really plus, along with the fact that young Mr. West no longer has to wear a uniform and can choose from the nice designer outfits his parents can afford.

Now I don’t know what kind of public school St. Joe’s is, but I’d think an NBA player’s son would generate more attention upon enrolling but I’ve learned not to nitpick these little sins of omission on Queen Sugar. Micah seems to fit in well, immediately joining up with the activist crew from last episode. Keke doesn’t look so sure about it and well, Keke, neither are we.

Queen Sugar seems to be setting Kofi Siriboe up for a really strong season as he figures out how to navigate life as a single father who’s, um, dating, if that’s what he’s doing. He’s certainly got his needs, even if the women he’s seeing can’t come inside. Well, maybe he’s getting more comfortable because he’s letting a pretty girl come in, just not to the bedroom, where they might be seen. But you know, kids, guess who’s up and catches RA’s pretty new lover putting her bra back on after what seems like a kitchen rendezvous.

Later on, we find out that our baby Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) is wetting the bed. That’s why he was up. He tells his dad that he would have said something but for ‘some lady’ in the house. Single parenting is rough. But when you see Blue’s big eyes, what can you do? No more entertaining at home.

Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) and Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) have no such problems. Hollywood’s trying to figure out the many ways to spend his settlement money. Don’t be surprised if he comes home with an RV or a Harley or an Escalade next episode. On this one, he’s fielding investment ideas from his barber. And surprise! He’s bought his baby a ring, in the shape of a fleur-de-lis. Awwww. Vi will happily sport that to Wood’s high school reunion where they’re heading next.

Queen Sugar Ep 303 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

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