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1. Take Your Time and Don’t Rush.

Its and awesome feeling to be engaged and have your life going in a special direction with at special person. Its important not to allow impulsive behaviors get the best of you during this time of your life. Take your time enjoy the moments of being engaged and planning for you future with the love of your life.

2. Think Creatively.

Understand your true wants and needs during the planning process. Plan to gave a Great photographer to catch the true essence of the moments and an affordable venue that can meet the needs of you wants and needs list.

3. Be Realistic about your Budget.

 Some people take out loans to create the wedding of a lifetime. Thank about that for a moment, is it really a must to put out so much money and take out a loan. You never have to prove how much you love some one by spending money you don’t have and eventually walking into debt. Think realistically and go from there.

4. Make it Legal and Legit.

 If you plan on going to a foreign country obtain the legal paperwork. Get requirements handled in the beginning.

5. Make sure you have proper Help for that Special Day.

Wedding planners are great however you can get a close friend that can handle the bulk of the wedding because they will have your true best interest in mind.

6. The Honeymoon can Wait a few days.

Don’t leave for the honeymoon immediately. Give your self a few days to recoup from the Biggest event in your lives. You can spend more time with close relatives and friends who have traveled to attend the wedding. REST, REST, and get more REST then go on that fabolus Honeymoon together.

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