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Help us in congratulating Malik Amari for winning how Hometown Champion Award. Read Malik’s story below…


Nominated by: Azize Ashton

On my ride home from work I was tuned into the station and I heard about the Home Champion contest, and one person came to mind. Malik Amari. This 27-year-old brother is Philly’s very own modern day, Malcom X, in his own right, of course. He wears many hats. He’s a poet, teacher, activist, and tri-state marathon runner. He travels to schools, libraries, and recreation centers speaking uplifting words to cultivate our youth. If there is an important topic dealing with the safety, education, and camaraderie of the community, you can bet he’s speaking on it. He expels so much passion for what he does. He says what he means and I have no doubt that he means what he says. They say you can’t win them all, but he has certainly won over my ears and my heart. He’s a true champion. A REAL ONE.

Congrats Malik!

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